The intimation of policy and privacy protection

Intimation of O2fit policy and privacy informs users about their responsibilities and makes them aware of selecting a behavior so that their personal information is not been abused.

This secrecy policy is complied and executed by international Oxygen data processing cooperation (Private Corporation), the owner of Oxygen software.

These policies may periodically amend or change. If there are made alternations based on collecting procedure, using, and or data transition, we make you aware of the reformed version of the secrecy policy through application and website. If you use the O2fit system after 4 days, it will be considered as awareness and acceptance of all the provisions. If O2fit starts to collect the information except for the mentioned cases in this intimation, it is obligatory to have your consent.

This intimation refers to the following cases:

1.A personal information set

O2fit collects and uses your information for Increase product quality and efficiency in websites and the other programs of Oxygen.

O2fit will never share your information with others. If O2fit use them to develop its own business, it should present a behavior so that the users are not known.

Users’ information

Furthermore the information of an individual that is required to develop a user account, we also collect O2fit standard information, such as:

a) The information related to a personal diet as birth, height and weight, genes, and the special details of foods and drinks that you use and the exercises you do and your sent tests results.

b) Email address or cellphone number

c) Your IP address, browser type and, working operating system.

d) Visited and referred pages, websites, and visits dates and time.

e) You make data available using the tools that exist on websites or through a program or send them publicly.

f) You may give the information to a user in a user’s messages.

g) The collected information from ads and third party firms.

h) The information shared by tutors, and physicians. Also the information such as name, the firm’s name and the pictures they have presented.

i) Supplementary information: your information may be completed with the additional information of the other resources, such as the available public resources.

2. Using the personal information

We will treat confidentially with the collected information, and we do not share your identification of personal information without your assenting.

We may:

-Share the information that does not potentially cause your identification, like the average of users’ weight reduction and or general information about eating habits, diets, and exercises. And this information develops based on collected statics from data, and or data that does not determine as a special user.

- For proving the services and products that you request us.

- Whereas cooperating in challenges, competence, and opinion polls of O2fit, we may fulfill the advertisement with the other cooperated supporters.

- To share the users’ unidentifiable information in events and market analysis for the commercial objectives for marketing or improving the services.

- If, based on a legal judgment, O2fit is to be liable to give personal information to cognizable authorities.

Users’ information is considered as a part of the international Oxygen team assets. So if there is done a commercial transaction, like integration with another firm, or purchasing a part of the international Oxygen team asset the considered organization is obliged to treat with users’ personal information, diets, and such information, according to the secrecy policy.

In some situations, we may take action through third party contractors to perform the services. In this way, they will be provided only with the necessary information to render the services (e.g. in the case of recovering a physical product to you by a contractor, your name and address are presented o the contractor) and all contractors are asked to endeavor in retaining the personal information.

Despite all the above issues, users’ collected data, except ads in importing health to prove safety and health, and or the other Oxygen team software will not be used.

3. Collected information security

We have done commercial-security measures to protect your information against security violations. For instance, we store the personal dietary information in a limited and safe accessible possibility. And we take advantage of standard firewalls and security software which have designed to protect the security and the information integrity.

However, there is no guarantee for accessing information, revelation, alteration, or destruction of information.

Using O2fit and programs and websites and its services, you confirm the achieving the perception of these dangers and if each of the above cases occurs, we do not accuse the international Oxygen data processing cooperation (Private Corporation).

4. Supporting children privacy is a popular site and we do not intend to serve the children. If you are less than 18 years old, you are not allowed to use a website, and or software of O2fit (see the public regulations of data protection (COPPA). The international Oxygen team will block such individuals’ accounts.

5. Using cookies and tracking technology

The cookies have short textual files that place on a user’s hardware hard disc and make the access of primary information more simply as some regulations in reentering to a website, avoiding re-registration in any entrance to the website.

We use cookies to obtain internet usage knowledge improving content and advertisement, collecting visited sites data and in some cases, they are used to present the professional issues.

Some of our advertisers and business partners sometimes use it. O2fit has no monitoring of used cookies by its advertisers and business partners.

If you don’t want to use the cookies, you can achieve this wish by inactivating them on your browser. It is necessary to note that in this way, a part of the website may not act correctly.

6. Connecting with the other websites

Our website may connect with other websites. Note that we aren’t responsible for other webs’ and firms’ procedures for privacy protection. So we encourage you to investigate the other websites’ privacy protection policies that you connect to them in this way. The third parties’ proceedings and policies are not under our control.

7. Legal and civil bases

For data processing, we will proceed based on the following bases:

Contrast revenue:

if you begin to promote the program through the website, you must assist the necessities of O2fit’s intended individuals’ particulars presentation so that your request is agreed upon.


we are allowed by ourselves using some of your given personal information that has mentioned in this intimation of privacy protection policy, and we make you pleased.

Legitimate advantage:

Using your personal information to improve the products and services for commercial or health aims and the other Oxygen team software that would have done along with this policy are a part of our legitimate advantages has been proven by your satisfaction.

Data processing:

Users’ data processing toward their geographic condition and, based on local limitations, traffic and so on, will be performed according to the technical group’s decision making of the international Oxygen data processing cooperation (a private corporation), regarding Oxygen team’s defined algorithms.

8. Data preservation and information omission

We will retain your personal information only until achieving the aims to which they have been gathered and processed, such as legitimate, regulatory, audit, and declarative accountability.

Our policy is to retain your personal information for six months after your user account omission or disuse. It is necessary to note that the international Oxygen team secures the right of using users’ personal information along with this policy intimation for more than six months for itself.

While say welcome to you, if there are any questions or suggestions, you can contact

Oxygen team

The last update, On Jan. 2021